Board of Directors

President Mr. Hidekazu Fujii
Director Mrs. Junko Fujii
Director Ms. Noriko Fujii
Director Mr. Masayuki Shimakura
Philosophy of Management

1. To develop creative human resources capable to forecast the changes of social trend.

2. To create the better life through our expansion of corporate business.

3. To pursue reasonable profit with minimized cost in order to contribute to the society with enlightened human resources thereof.

Three Managerial Policies

Pursue Corporate Idealogy
Form Organic System
Aim to be a visionary Company


Aim for higher level of Thought and Judgement
Create New Value with Independence and Creative mind
Challenge to own possibility with Wisdom , Effort and Courage.


Behave with Mind of Solution
Behave with Mind of Intiative-taking
Behave with Mind of Crisis

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