ECO Group

ECO Group Activities of TUW Textile Co., Ltd.

What is an ECO group?

The ECO group is one of the activities group in TUW Textile Co., Ltd. conduct saving energy and saving environment activities within the company. Our goal is to Reduce energy use, deducting wasted resources and reduce the amount of waste from industrial plants to zero. With the objectives of establishing groups that wish to be a part in conserving resources and the environment.

The ECO Group has been continuing its activities for over 10 years. Carry out numerous activities that both successful and unsuccessful activities. Despite unsuccessful activity, is not waste since we have learned from real experience of the experiment. Now we think to share activity ideas, ways to do activities, investments, and results of activities to the public. If anyone use these ideas to do something good, we are very pleasure.

“Save Environment with Tuw Eco group”

Electricity generation system from water turbine

The Procedure of the project

TUW Textile Co., Ltd. is a vertical set up textile factory. We do from the Knitting, Dyeing, Setting the fabric and also sewing clothing for many world-famous brands from abroad. For the dyeing factory, TUW Textile Co., Ltd. places importance on waste water treatment process that is released from the dyeing process. Our company has an efficient wastewater treatment system to water treatment until returning to good water according to the standards of the Ministry of Industry before releasing to the natural water source. In this wastewater treatment process, water will be sent through the pipes at various points for both water before treatment and after treatment. The ECO group, which is the company’s activity group doing activities related to energy saving and environmental saving, saw the possibility of using those water to generate electricity to use at night. Therefore conducting studies on water turbine systems and generator and then proceed to do the real experiment.

Project Timeline

April 2017: The first meeting on the principles of water turbine generators

June 2017: Determine the suitable location for install the turbine generator. And order the first turbine

July 2017 : Install a stainless steel turbine at the pipe in the wastewater treatment system.

The turbine will rotate the generator to generate 24V DC electricity, electricity will be charged to the battery via the charger, after that the battery will release the electricity through the inverter to convert the power from 24V DC to 220V AC to use with the lamp lighting the fence around the factory.

February 2018: Install the 2nd turbine.

The generator’s electricity usage points.

The factory wall fence

Parking area.


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