Vision / Mission

Toward The Better Future

Almost 30 years  after the establishment of the company, we have survived in the tumultuous periods such as the currency crisis in Asia. We have reached this day by the favorable supports of customers and suppliers, and co-operation of the parent company in technical transfer.

In a period unknown future is coming now, we are changing the direction of the company operation significantly. We have decided to continue the progress of the company assuming this fiscal year as the second initiation period.

Our aimed figure of the company is that we contribute to improve happiness of the people in the society. We think that it is important to contribute to the society since the enterprise always exists relied on the society.

As a consistent manufacturer of knitting, dyeing and sewing, we would like to develop the superior products actively through the customers in order to provide more pleasure to the consumers in the world. We are going to effort wholeheartedly and hoping that the people in the society grow and expand happily with considering the environment of the earth and living environment of people.

To realize it, we are going to pursuit the customer creed promising the ‘Safety and security’ to the customers in every respect by the guarantee for quality, delivery time and costs together with compliance to the social norm (corporate government).

We are always considering what is the most beneficial for the customers as the original point of the company activities. We are going to throw ourselves into our company business believing that we are able to expand and spread our business by the smooth activities of the customers made by our products and services, and be satisfied by them.

To achieve these objectives, management team takes firm responsibility, solves each problem with vision for the future, improves the minds of each employee and promotes to expand the empowerment.

We undertake the task for company operation having a mind “New values are created by the continuous changes” and change with advancing toward to the better future.

Mr.Hidekazu Fujii